Development Opportunities
Our people are our greatest asset. At SCANA, we look for people who have the desire to learn and the drive to succeed. As a SCANA employee, we provide you with valuable development and educational opportunities that allow you to continuously build your skills to meet your professional goals.

Employee Development
As a reflection of SCANA’s commitment to developing great employees, we offer comprehensive development programs for jobs at all levels, throughout the company.

We provide the resources and training you need for a successful career. From hands-on workshops to online courses, there are many programs offered throughout the year that help you grow professionally and broaden your technical and behavioral skills.

Leadership Development
We can help you increase your leadership effectiveness. The SCANA Leadership Development Program aims to enhance leaders' effectiveness both personally and professionally. The program, organized into supervisor, mid-manager, and executive levels, consists of educational, relational, and experiential opportunities, including workshops, computer based training, coaching engagements and more.

Effective leaders at SCANA are more than proficient managers. Through training and development programs, we help develop leaders that not only deliver consistent results and meet expectations, but leaders that go above and beyond.

We provide development opportunities that will enhance your ability to…

  • Communicate directly, openly and honestly
  • Develop individuals and teams
  • Inspire trust, enthusiasm and teamwork

Our employees are a core strength of the organization, so our passionate focus on leadership development is imperative to SCANA’s continued success.