Code of Conduct

Throughout the SCANA family of companies, our Code of Conduct and corporate values are not just window dressing. They are the foundation of who we are and how we choose to do business.

Our employees are expected to use the highest standards of personal conduct. It is an obligation we have to our customers, our shareholders, our communities and ourselves.

Our corporate compliance department ensures that employees comply with all laws, policies and regulations that apply to our businesses. However, when necessary, we have multiple means of reporting and receiving information about misconduct. We investigate and take the appropriate measures when we find violations.

The SCANA values are important to us. We live and work by them everyday.


  • Serve our community.
  • Achieve.
  • Communicate openly and honestly.
  • Respect diversity and care for each other.
  • Excel in customer service and safety.
  • Most importantly, we Do what is right.

To understand how the SCANA family of companies conducts business using the highest ethical standards, including promoting a safe, productive and fair workplace, you can read our Code of Conduct in its entirety by the link below.  

  Code of Conduct (254KB)
Code of Conduct - Spanish  (383KB)

Contact Information
If you have questions about SCANA's Compliance Program or its Code of Conduct, or if you wish to inform us of concerns about the conduct of any employee of a SCANA company, you may reach us by e-mail at or through our toll-free Compliance Helpline at 1-888-97-SCANA.

Note: Reference to "SCANA" or "family of companies" throughout this document means SCANA and all its subsidiaries.