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South Carolina has become an increasingly attractive destination for big business. Its pro-business environment, enticing tax structure and incentives, outstanding transportation network, and proximity to major U.S. markets make South Carolina an ideal location for doing business. Low labor costs, a skilled workforce, a mild climate and charming communities have created many business success stories.

See how SCANA Corporation has been helping build business in the Southeast.  

SCANA Letter
Get a fresh look at economic development in South Carolina and the Southeast from SCANA Corporation in our quarterly publication:

SCANA Letter Q1 2014 (267KB)
SCANA Letter Q4 2013 (301KB)
  SCANA Letter Q3 2013 (306KB)
SCANA Letter Q2 2013 (310KB)
SCANA Letter Q1 2013 (326KB)

Find out about recent business developments and learn more about companies that have recently announced in South Carolina:

May 2014 - Hidral USA Inc. (PDF, 275KB)
May 2014 - Scout Boats Inc. (PDF, 273KB)
May 2014 - Aeterna Zentaris (PDF, 273KB)
Apr. 2014 - Palmetto State Armory (277KB)
Apr. 2014 - Signode (277KB)
Mar. 2014 - Birdsong Corporation (275KB)
Feb. 2014 - BOMAG Americas (31KB)
Jan. 2014 - Kent International Inc. (16KB)
Dec. 2013 - Molina Healthcare (356KB)
Dec. 2013 - Devro, Inc. (95KB)
Dec. 2013 - Benefitfocus (435KB)
Nov. 2013 - FEV, Inc. (284KB)
Oct. 2013 - American Tactical Imports (269KB)
Oct. 2013 - IFA Rotorion (179KB)
Oct. 2013 - Louis Hornick and Company (150KB)
Oct. 2013 - MWV Specialty Chemicals (149KB)
  Sept. 2013 - Dayton Rogers Manufacturing (152KB)
Sept. 2013 - Daimler Vans Manufacturing (229KB)
Sept. 2013 - 2AM Group (231KB)
July 2013 - Tognum America, Inc. (290KB)
July 2013 - Weber Automotive (227KB)
July 2013 - Sportsman Boats (228KB)
June 2013 - Dayco Products, LLC (303KB)
June 2013 - National Beverage Screen Printers, Inc. (229KB)
June 2013 - EcoDual, Inc. (152KB)
May 2013 - Advanta Southeast (237KB)
Apr. 2013 - Boeing (99KB)
Apr. 2013 - Owens Corning (157KB)
Apr. 2013 - Sunny Z Foods (236KB)
Feb. 2013 - Intertape Polymer Group (303KB)
Feb. 2013 - Recleim (232KB)

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SCANA Insights
See colorful insights on business developments in SCANA's service area:

Amped Up (2MB) Yummy Choice (3.3MB)
Opening a Door (3MB) Dixie-Narco Stays (2.51MB)
Forging a Recovery (3MB) Rolling in Dough (2.27MB)
On a Roll (3MB) All about Flavor (2.26MB)
Port of Call (3MB) Finding Strength in
Military Retirees
Energy Partners (3MB) At the Speed of Light (2MB)
Is Your Data Secure (3MB) On the Cutting Edge (947KB)
Just the Right Fit (2MB) Do you Q? (2.6MB)
Preserving a Way of Life (3MB) Finding a New Home (862KB)
Put on the Brakes (3.3MB) We're Hiring (1.18MB)

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