1. What is SCANA Corporation and what does it do?
2. Does SCANA provide or market gas or electricity?
3. Who are the subsidiaries and affiliates of SCANA Corporation?
4. What kind of corporate governance program does SCANA have in place?
5. What is the SCANA Code of Conduct?
6. What procedures does SCANA have in place in response to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?
7. Who do I contact if I want to interview someone at SCANA for an article, or if I need information or statistics on SCANA and its companies?
Investor Relations
1. How can I purchase SCANA common stock?
2. What is the Investor Plus Plan?
3. Where can I get a Direct Purchase Package for the SCANA Investor Plus Plan?
4. On which Exchange does SCANA's stock trade?
5. What is SCANA's common stock ticker symbol?
6. Does SCANA sell common stock directly to the public?
7. Can SCANA sell stock certificates for shareholders?
8. Who is my transfer agent?
9. How do I transfer stock certificates?
10. When are dividend payment and earnings released?
Community Affairs
1. What is the SCANA Speakers Bureau?
2. What are Homework Centers and where can I find out more about them?
3. What is SCANA’s involvement with Junior Achievement?
4. How does SCANA demonstrate its social responsibility as a major corporation?
5. What is SCANA’s involvement with Lake Murray?
1. What is SCANA’s environmental policy?
2. What is SCANA doing to protect the environment?
3. What is SCANA doing about pollution control?
4. What is SCANA doing about greenhouse gases?
5. What is SCANA doing to protect the area’s wildlife?
1. What is SCANA’s position on diversity in the workplace?
2. How do I apply for a job with SCANA and its various companies?
3. Are all positions posted on the careers section of the SCANA Website?
4. How can I access the password I used to apply online?
5. How do I check the status of my application?
6. Does SCANA or its companies offer internships or summer employment, and how do I apply?
7. What happens if I miss the deadline specified for applying for a specific job I’m interested in?
8. What do I do if I have trouble applying online?
9. How will I know that you’ve received my application?
10. Can I send in my resume or fill out an online application even if I’m not applying for a specific position?
11. Do I have a better chance of getting a job at SCANA or one of its companies if I go through someone I know who works for that company?
12. Do all SCANA companies offer the same benefits?
Economic Development
1. What is SCANA’s involvement in economic development in the states in which it does business?
1. How can I get my company added to SCANA’s "qualified bidders" list?
SCANA Website
1. I have a question or comment about the SCANA Website.