SCANA Energy Retained As Georgia’s Regulated Natural Gas Provider
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Atlanta, GA, March 17, 2009…The Georgia Public Service Commission announced today that SCANA Energy, a unit of SCANA Corporation (NYSE: SCG), won a competitive bid to continue serving as Georgia’s sole regulated provider of natural gas, a role the company has had since the regulated provider program began in 2002.

Beginning September 1, 2009 through August 31, 2011, the program will have new, more favorable terms for Georgia’s senior citizens, as well as for credit-challenged customers with improved payment histories.

“We are pleased the Georgia Public Service Commission has once again selected SCANA Energy to serve this vital role of providing natural gas service to the elderly and low-income, and to citizens who have no other source for natural gas,” said George Devlin, vice president and general manager of SCANA Energy. “As Georgia’s only regulated provider since deregulation, people across the state have come to rely on SCANA Energy to provide affordable natural gas to Georgians who need us most.”

The Georgia General Assembly mandated appointment of a regulated provider in 2002 to ensure that elderly and low-income Georgians were afforded natural gas at lower rates. Under the Natural Gas Consumers' Relief Act, the regulated provider offers natural gas at special rates to those who meet low-income requirements set by the Georgia Department of Human Resources. An additional discount is available for low-income senior citizens.

The regulated provider also serves as provider of last resort to natural gas customers who, due to credit problems or nonpayment, have been refused service by other marketers. Approximately 100,000 Georgians are currently receiving service under both programs.

“The Georgia Public Service Commission has always been committed to ensuring that the regulated provider delivers excellent customer service and provides access to natural gas for those who need it,” said Brett Newsom, SCANA Energy’s Director of Pricing and Regulatory Affairs. “SCANA Energy is dedicated to continuing the tradition of excellent service to our regulated customers.”

The terms of both programs have improved for all customers under the SCANA Energy Regulated Division program. Seniors will see their customer service charge fall from $2.95 per month to $1.95. For credit-challenged customers who have been denied service elsewhere, the customer service charge will be reduced to $9.95 from $10.95. Those who pay promptly for six months will be rewarded with a customer service charge of $6.95 and become eligible for SCANA Energy’s deregulated market rates.

“The Georgia Public Service Commission and SCANA Energy have worked together to reduce the costs of natural gas for low-income and senior citizens, as well as for consumers who have been denied service elsewhere,” said Devlin. “In challenging economic times such as these, we are pleased to do our part to provide savings to regulated provider customers.”

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SCANA Energy is a unit of SCANA Corporation. SCANA Energy is one of the largest natural gas marketers in Georgia, serving approximately 460,000 customers. SCANA Energy Regulated Division is the state’s only regulated natural gas provider. Information about SCANA Energy is available on the company’s web site at  

SCANA Corporation, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Columbia, SC, is an energy-based holding company principally engaged, through subsidiaries, in electric and natural gas utility operations and other energy-related businesses. The Company serves approximately 650,000 electric customers in South Carolina and more than 1.2 million natural gas customers in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Information about SCANA and its businesses is available on the Company’s web site at