Nuclear Financial Information
The BaseLoad Review Act, which is a state law, effectively reduces the cost of building nuclear power plants in South Carolina by allowing the state’s regulated utilities to adjust rates annually during construction of such plants to recover related financing costs.

SCE&G submits quarterly reports to the Public Service Commission of South Carolina and the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff concerning the status of the construction of V.C. Summer Nuclear Station Units 2 & 3. These reports provide current capital cost forecasts and construction schedules for the units as of the close of each quarter.


BLRA Status Reports

Q1 (PDF, 1.2MB) Q2 (PDF, 2MB) Q3 (PDF, 1.1MB) Q4 (PDF, 1.3MB)
Q1 (PDF, 1.6MB) Q2 (PDF, 1.3MB) Q3 (PDF, 1.7MB) Q4 (PDF, 2MB)
Q1 (PDF, 1.5MB) Q2 (PDF, 7MB) Q3 (PDF, 1.2MB) Q4 (PDF, 1.3MB)
Q1 (PDF, 568KB) Q2 (PDF, 985KB) Q3 (PDF, 923KB) Q4 (PDF, 1MB)
Q1 (PDF, 10MB) Q2 (PDF, 777KB) Q3 (PDF, 512KB) Q4 (PDF, 442KB)

Regulatory Documents

Docket 2013-150-E Annual Request for Revised Rates (8MB)
  Order 2012-884 Updates and Revisions to Schedules (4.1MB)
Order 2012-761 Revised Rates Approval Order (1.7MB)
Order 2011-207 Revised Rates Approval Order (1.6MB)
Order 2011-345 Approved Cost Updates (2MB)
Order 2010-625 Revised Rates Approval Order (1.2MB)
Order 2009-696 Revised Rates Approval Order (1.5MB)
Order 2009-104(A) Base Load Review Order (8.21MB)