Purchases and Sales

The SCANA Investor Plus Plan allows participants to acquire shares of our common stock through reinvestment of cash dividends and through optional cash investments. If you would like to obtain additional information about the Plan, including information about direct enrollment into the Plan for persons who are not currently shareholders, please contact us through e-mail, fax, telephone or written correspondence.

We purchase on the 1st and 15th of each month. Your money must be in our office two full business days before the purchase dates. Our Optional Cash Due Dates list provides detailed information about purchase dates and corresponding cash due dates.

SCANA has the option of purchasing shares on the open market through Merrill Lynch or issuing original issue shares. This change will not occur more than once in a three month period.

If SCANA purchases shares on the open market there will be a nominal fee involved.

After the purchase of the shares, we send statements to all who purchased. At the bottom of the statement is a section that is easily torn at perforations. This section serves as a Voluntary Investment Form on the front and an Optional Request Form on the back. If you need additional forms, please print our Voluntary Investment Form (PDF, 19KB).


SIPP allows participants to sell shares of our common stock on the open market. You may sell Plan shares, DRS shares and certificated (send certificate) shares. You may use the bottom section reverse side of any of your statements to indicate that you would like us to sell the shares.

Remember that all account owners must sign.

If you do not have this section, please print our Optional Request Form (PDF, 13KB).

We sell every Wednesday on the open market through the services of Merrill Lynch. The charge is $.06 per share. The fee is taken from the proceeds of the sale. If we receive your sale request by Tuesday at 5:00 p.m., EST, the shares will be placed on the market on Wednesday.

Checks usually are mailed by the following Monday (Trade Date + 3). Please be sure that we have your correct mailing address! To make changes to your address, please print our Address Change Form (PDF, 7KB).

If you would like us to sell your stock certificates through the Plan, you should send them with the Optional Request Form (PDF, 13KB) completed in good form and signed by all account owners. We will deposit the certificate shares to the Plan and then sell as described above.
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