Lake Murray
Lake Murray is a hydroelectric operating project permitted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) under the name “Saluda River Hydroelectric Project 516”. South Carolina Electric & Gas Company, a SCANA company, is the licensee and operator of the project.

What began as a source of energy for the Columbia area over 70 years ago has become a major recreation area and an abundant resource for drinking water, fisheries and wildlife habitat – as well as for hydroelectric power.

The work of clearing the site for the Saluda Dam was started in 1927 under a permit granted by the Federal Power Commission to Lexington Water Power Company, SCE&G’s corporate predecessor. The first power from the plant was delivered in 1930. At the time of its completion the earthen dam, which is 208 feet high and nearly a mile and a half long, was the largest of its kind for power purposes in the world. The lake itself is 41 miles long and 14 miles wide at its widest point and contains over 760 billion gallons of water with a shoreline of over 600 miles. The high pool elevation of Lake Murray is at 360 feet above mean sea level.

Shoreline Management Plan
SCE&G realizes the need for rules and regulations to promote and enhance the recreational potential of Lake Murray and protect its environmental quality as it continues to be utilized as a major component of SCE&G’s power production capabilities. SCE&G’s Lake Management Department is responsible for enforcing FERC directives regarding the use of lake waters and the land surrounding the lake resource. To that end, policies and procedures which are consistent with FERC regulations have been developed in the form of the Lake Murray Land Use and Shoreline Management Plan. This Plan is carried out through the Shoreline Management Permitting Program, which was established to permit structures and other activities along the shoreline and to monitor the use of the lake resource by people who live on the lake as well as those who visit it. For more information on this program, visit SCE&G's Lake Management page.  

Vegetative Buffer Zone
SCE&G will continue to own a 75-foot wide strip of property along the shoreline of Lake Murray as required by the FERC. Any activity that takes place within this buffer zone must be in accordance with SCE&G’s Land Use and Shoreline Management Plan. For more information, the Lake Management Department phone number is 803-217-9007.

Dock Permits
Individual dock permits may be obtained for Regatta, Phase III, lots 1 thru 10 upon application to the SCE&G Lake Management Department by the lot owner. A representative of that department will inspect each lot and, upon review of the application, determine the exact dimension and location for each dock request. Lot 11 will not qualify for a dock permit.