Questions and Answers
When do I have to close?
The closing date is negotiable.

What is the Regatta Homeowners Association regime fee?
Please contact Bob Debenport, RHOA President, at 803-732-9373.

How much are the utility tap fees?
Water and sewer taps must be obtained by the buyer through the City of Columbia. Call 803-545-3400.

How big can the boat docks be?
Shoreline permitting guidelines are established and monitored by the SCE&G Lake Management Department, phone number (803)217-9007. Lots 1 thru 10 qualify for an individual dock permit. Lot 11 does not qualify.

What is the Vegetative Buffer Zone, or 75-foot Setback?
This area is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) and will remain under the ownership of SCE&G. Any activity that takes place within the Buffer Zone must be allowable and/or permitted under SCE&G’s Land Use and Shoreline Management Plan as approved by the FERC under the hydroelectric operating license. Any removal of vegetation or ground-disturbing activity on SCE&G property must be specifically permitted by the SCE&G Lake Management Department, telephone number 803-217-9007.

Is there a building setback required from the 75-foot Setback?
SCE&G does not require a setback from this property line. However, you may want to consult with Lexington County regarding their county setback requirements, phone number 803-785-8121.

Can we build inside the 75-foot Setback?
Only structures or materials (such as permitted docks) permitted by SCE&G Lake Management policy are allowed within this area.

Can we wait to build if we buy now?
Yes. However, the owner must “keep and maintain each Lot…in good condition and repair” according to the Regatta Covenants and Restrictions.

Who can I contact directly about Regatta?

Beth Trump at 803-217-7912 or email