SCANA Awards $15,000 Grant for Town of Gaston
Shelley Cadena
(803) 217-9088

Columbia, S.C., Feb. 1, 2005 - SCANA Corporation has awarded a $15,000 Community Development Grant to the Town of Gaston to be used for infrastructure improvements to serve the town's new commercial development project. The grant was presented to the Gaston Town Council Feb. 1 at its regular monthly meeting.

The grant will be used to fund wastewater treatment improvements for the recently completed Gaston Marketplace, a $15 million commercial development project that should create a minimum of 200 jobs. The new sewer system currently supports seven businesses at The Gaston Marketplace.

Gaston Mayor James L. Sharpe said the town appreciates its partnership with SCANA. "We appreciate the infrastructure grant from SCANA for the extension of the sewer line to the new Gaston Marketplace commercial development project. The commercial development will provide services as well as job opportunities for our citizens," Sharpe said.

Charles McFadden, senior vice president of SCANA Governmental Affairs and Economic Development, said, "We are pleased to have been part of the team that is successfully bringing this project to completion. The SCANA Community Development Grants are used to help fund the services needed to recruit industries to local areas such as Gaston."

Since the grant program began in 1989, McFadden said SCANA has awarded a total of more than $10.3 million in economic development grants, used by communities to leverage more than $663 million in state and federal funding and resulting in the creation of approximately 31,000 new jobs. "At SCANA, we are committed to helping our communities grow," he said.