Manage Your Energy Costs More Efficiently This Winter
Public Affairs

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Dec. 4, 2006)
– As the mercury drops, heating bills rise. With that in mind, South Carolina Electric and Gas (SCE&G) wants to help customers better manage their energy costs with the help of its online services.

“We want our customers to realize that there are tools available to help them not only save money on their heating bill, but to actually better understand their heating bill,” said Molly Morris, General Manager, SCE&G Customer Service Operations.

One example is the Energy Analyzer. Available at, this tool lets customers who are registered online view their prior energy consumption and compare bills month to month, year to year. Using this feature allows customers to see the impact of factors such as the average daily temperature and the number of billing days in a given cycle.

Customers can also learn how to cut costs through the site’s energy conservation tips. An online guide walks residents through each room of a typical home, showing them how to make low-cost to no-cost changes to help lower their bill. Tips include everything from changing air filters once a month to turning off the oven 15 minutes before the recommended cooking time.

“These tips are quick and easy,” said Morris. “They’re not about making huge changes, but rather just changing your habits.”

SCE&G also offers a way to gain regularity in your monthly bill through its Easy Payment Plan. While EPP does not lower energy bills, it does provide consistency by allowing customers to spread their annual energy consumption evenly over a 12 month period.

For more information on the Easy Payment Plan, contact a customer service representative at 1-800-251-7234 or visit to register online. There, you can also find a full list of winter conservation tips, as well as more information on the services mentioned in this release.

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