SCE&G Warns Customers About Possible Con Artists
Public Affairs

COLUMBIA, S.C. (April 25, 2007)
– South Carolina Electric and Gas Co. (SCE&G) is asking customers to be on the lookout for scam artists posing as utility employees.

Tuesday evening, two customers called SCE&G to report a man attempting to collect cash for their bill at their home. The man presented himself as an SCE&G employee.

SCE&G wants to remind customers that the company does not collect money in the field for any reason. Additionally, SCE&G typically notifies a customer by phone or in writing before an employee is scheduled to arrive at their home to perform work.

“The only reason one of our employees would step foot on a customer’s property is to complete regular maintenance, such as meter reading, or to perform a service that was requested by the customer,” said Ronnie Goebel, director of security for SCANA Corp., SCE&G’s parent company.

Field employees, such as meter readers or linemen, are identified by their blue SCE&G uniforms, white company ID badges with photo and marked SCE&G truck.

“We encourage our customers to ask to see those identifying items if they have any concerns about our employees in the field,” Goebel added.

If someone not matching this description arrives unannounced and introduces themselves as an SCE&G employee, the company recommends refusing entry and calling Customer Service at 1-800-251-7234 for verification or dialing 911 if they feel threatened.