SCE&G Introduces Phone Alert System for Lower Saluda River Users
Public Affairs

COLUMBIA, S.C. (May 12, 2008) – Fishermen, kayakers and other recreational users of the lower Saluda River now have another resource to alert them of the possibility of rapidly rising water when SCE&G’s Saluda Hydroelectric Plant is in operation. The company recently rolled out a phone alert system people can subscribe to if they’d like to receive a phone call with an automated message alerting them when the plant is releasing water.

“There are instances when we must use Saluda Hydro at a moment’s notice to provide electricity to our system,” said Jim Landreth, vice president of Fossil and Hydro Operations for SCE&G. “In those cases, the water level can rise rapidly in certain areas. The phone alert system adds another option, along with the sirens and strobe lights, to alert recreational users of changing water conditions.”

People can sign up for this service at SCE&G’s lower Saluda Web site: Simply click the “register now” link and follow the instructions. The Web site also provides information on current and planned operations of the Saluda plant, as well as links to helpful resources from the U.S. Geological Survey, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources and American Whitewater.

While phone alerts are a helpful resource, Landreth cautions that they should not be used as the single source of information on river flows. “Emergency operations of the plant can and do happen at any time, and users of the river must be aware of this,” he said. “We urge the public to use common sense and pay attention to rising water as well as phone alerts, sirens and alarms.”