SCE&G Promotes Storm Season Safety
Public Affairs

COLUMBIA, S.C. (May 15, 2008) – With forecasters predicting an active hurricane season – 15 named storms, eight of those becoming hurricanes – South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) wants to make sure customers are prepared to handle the season as safely as possible.

A new feature designed to help customers do just that is SCE&G Storm Alerts. Customers can visit to sign up to receive e-mail alerts before and after the storm. The e-mails will provide important safety messaging, power restoration information and of course, Customer Service contact information.

Also online, customers can view short video clips explaining how crews prepare for major storms and how power is restored once the storm has passed. The videos also outline important customer responsibilities that may need to be completed before power can be restored, such as calling an electrician to repair damage to the meter base.

“We’re fortunate that we haven’t had a major storm in our area in a few years, but that doesn’t mean we can treat storm season lightly,” said Stacy Shuler, emergency response coordinator for SCE&G. “We want to give our customers all of the safety information they need to make sure they’re prepared and they understand that we restore any outages as quickly and safely as possible.”

A few important safety tips include:

  • Stay alert to storm advisories and evacuate if told to do so.
  • Have flashlights and fresh batteries on hand.
  • Turn off and unplug electronics and appliances when a storm is imminent.
  • Do not attempt to connect a generator to your home’s main circuit; instead, plug appliances directly into the generator. Failure to follow these instructions can be harmful, even deadly.
  • Never touch a downed power line. Contact SCE&G Customer Service immediately at 1-888-333-4465 to report it.
  • Never try to remove a tree limb or any other object that is in contact with a power line. Call SCE&G for help.

With hurricane season fast approaching, now is the time to get prepared. SCE&G crews are ready and want to make sure you are, too. For more information on storm safety or SCE&G’s power restoration process, visit