SCE&G’s V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant Not Impacted by Drought
Media Contact: 
Robert Yanity

Investor Contact:
Bryan Hatchell

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Jan. 24, 2008) – The drought that has plagued the Southeast has not impacted the safe and reliable operation of SCE&G’s V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant, located in Jenkinsville, S.C., according to company officials.

“I want to be clear that in light of recent media coverage, our nuclear plant is nowhere near any lake levels or river flows that would inhibit operation because of the drought,” said Jeff Archie, vice president of Nuclear Operations for SCE&G. “Even if the 2007 drought continues through 2008 at a similar severity level, the V.C. Summer Plant would still be able to operate during that time period. Recent rains in North and South Carolina have been very beneficial.”

SCE&G has been monitoring drought impacts to its system for some time, and does not anticipate any adverse effects on generation or operations in the near-term. The company has developed contingency plans to moderate impacts on its generation facilities should the drought continue through 2008 as a precaution. SCE&G’s drought contingency planning involves evaluating impacts on the company’s generation facilities, and modeling various drought scenarios to help plan for the future.

In addition, SCE&G is working with neighboring utilities to monitor drought impacts on utility operations throughout the region. Utilities coordinate the operation of their systems to support the reliability of each utility’s service area, as well as the stability of the power grid for the entire region.

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company is a regulated public utility engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity to approximately 636,000 customers in 26 counties in the central, southern and southwestern portions of South Carolina. The company also provides natural gas service to approximately 297,000 customers in 34 counties in the state.