Jasper Generating Plant Wins National Award
Public Affairs

COLUMBIA, S.C. (April 21, 2009) – The Jasper Generating Plant was one of 13 finalists to win a national award for an innovation that promises to help power plants nationwide. This is the plant’s third award in its four years of commercial operation.

The editors of the Combined Cycle Journal, a publication about gas turbine power plants, presented the award for a “2009 Best Practice Award” under the category of “Operation and Maintenance,” to representatives from Jasper Generating during a luncheon held on Monday, April 20, in Birmingham, Ala.

“Receiving this award is an example of the good team effort put forth at our plant to seek ways to improve our systems,” said Maintenance Engineer Don Belle. “We’re looking forward to a long life for our heat recovery steam generators as a result of this project.”

The 875-megawatt gas fired plant, located between Hardeeville and Tillman in Jasper County, is primarily used during intermediate to peak periods of energy use by SCE&G customers. That means the plant’s three, 100-foot tall heat recovery steam generators (HSRG) are frequently drained of water and re-filled, allowing oxygen-rich water to be introduced. While oxygen is critical to human life, it also can considerably shorten the life of a generator and its components by causing pitting, corrosion and tube failures. Boiler tube failures resulting from oxygen-related corrosion can result in unexpected, significant downtime for many plants like Jasper.

The Jasper team decided that incorporating high-tech, gas transfer membranes to remove oxygen from the water would not only eliminate the need for other chemical additives, but reduce the amount of oxygen in the water below 20 ppb (parts per billion) and eliminate the source of pitting and corrosion.

Jasper Plant Manager Steve Palmer says Belle, working alongside Lab Analysts Pete Pye and Tricia Kinney, collaborated with DPC Automated Controls, Inc. to build a gas transfer membrane device called a skid, which uses nitrogen to effectively deoxygenate the makeup water before it enters the steam cycle.

According to Belle, under the previous system, water comprised of about 10 ppm (parts per million) oxygen (high levels) would be pumped into the drums. Using the gas transfer membranes, the plant has been able to reduce dissolved oxygen to about 1 ppb, which will ensure the continued reliability of the HRSGs over the life of Jasper. “All of this sounds very technical,” says Belle, “but it’s as simple as keeping the plant on line when our company and ratepayers need it most and preserving our investment in these expensive pieces of equipment.”

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