Little River Medical Center Receives X-ray Equipment Donated by SCE&G
Public Affairs

LITTLE RIVER, S.C. (March 26, 2009) – South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) will donate nearly $50,000 in x-ray equipment to the Little River Medical Center at a dedication ceremony at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, March 30. The ceremony will be held in the lobby of the medical center, located at 4303 Live Oak Drive, Little River, S.C.

“Donating this equipment to the Little River Medical Center is just one way SCE&G hopes to reach out to communities in Horry and Georgetown counties as we expand our natural gas service in these areas,” said Donnie Watford, Coastal District manager for SCE&G. “We try to be a good neighbor in the communities we serve, and since we no longer need the equipment we believe that making it available to the residents of Little River is the right thing to do.”

The equipment was used for SCE&G’s mobile medical unit to take chest x-rays as part of annual physicals for employees located at power plants throughout the state. However, an internal review revealed that it was more cost effective to send the small number of employees needing chest x-rays to an outside radiology provider. As a result, the company sought to donate the two-year old equipment to an organization within its service territory.

The Little River Medical Center is a community health center that provides primary medical and dental health care. The center was in need of new x-ray equipment as its equipment was installed 30 years ago when the facility was built. This new equipment will add the provision of digital x-ray to the radiology services provided.

“We’re thrilled to be the recipients of this equipment from SCE&G,” said Pamela Davis, Chief Executive Officer, and Little River Medical Center. “This new equipment will improve our diagnostic radiology services when a patient needs a chest x-ray, or if they come to us with a suspected bone injury.”

The x-ray equipment will be presented to the staff at Little River Medical Center on National Doctor’s Day – a commemorative holiday to celebrate and acknowledge the life-saving skills of our nation’s physicians. President George Bush signed a resolution in 1990 designating March 30 as National Doctor's Day. The holiday was first observed in 1933 as a local celebration in Barrow County, Georgia, to commemorate the date on which Crawford W. Long, M.D., administered the first ether anesthetic for surgery (March 30, 1842).

SCE&G is a regulated public utility that provides natural gas service to approximately 307,000 customers in South Carolina. SCE&G also is engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity to approximately 650,000 customers throughout the state. Information about SCE&G is available on the company’s web site at