Major Subsidiaries

South Carolina Electric & Gas

Provides electricity & natural gas throughout South Carolina.


A regulated public utility and principal subsidiary of SCANA Corporation, SCE&G generates, transmits, distributes and sells electricity to over half a million customers in 24 counties and provides natural gas to customers in 36 counties.


Created in 1937 when the Broad River Power Company changed its name to South Carolina Electric & Gas Company.

Area of Operation

Covers a 23,000-square-mile area, from the Low Country through the Midlands to the Piedmont region in the Upstate.


Provides electricity and natural gas services to residential, commercial and industrial customers in South Carolina. We also offer a wide selection of repair plans, quality lighting and more.

Balanced Energy Portfolio

Our energy portfolio includes a diverse mix of electricity generation including hydro, biomass, natural gas, coal and nuclear.


More than 3,000.

PSNC Energy

Provides natural gas services in North Carolina.


A regulated public utility, PSNC Energy purchases, sells and transports natural gas to more than 508,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.


Created in 1938 when Gastonia businessman Charles B. Zeigler formed the company with 3,800 original customers.

Area of Operation

Headquartered in Gastonia , N.C., PSNC Energy operates in the north-central, Piedmont and western areas of North Carolina in a service area covering 12,000 square miles.

Natural Gas Products

Offers a wide selection of quality natural gas products including grills, gas logs, water heaters, outdoor fireplaces, space heaters and gas lights. We further offer installation, repair and financing services.


More than 600.

SCANA Energy

Markets natural gas services in Georgia.


A leading natural gas marketer, SCANA Energy serves about 460,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers statewide.


Established in 1997 after the deregulation of the natural gas market in Georgia.

Area of Operation

We offer competitive natural gas rates throughout Georgia, from Atlanta to Savannah and from Rome to Macon.

SCANA Energy Regulated

The company’s regulated unit, SCANA Energy Regulated Division, was appointed by the Georgia Public Service Commission in 2002 to serve the state’s low-income and credit-challenged natural gas customers.

Other SCANA Subsidiaries

SCANA Services, Inc.

Provides administration, management and other services to SCANA subsidiaries.

South Carolina Generating Company, Inc. (GENCO)

Supplies electricity for SCE&G.

South Carolina Fuel Company, Inc. (SCFC)

Fuel supplier for SCE&G.

PSNC Energy Customers:

Customers do not have to buy products or services from the other SCANA subsidiaries in order to continue to receive the same safe and reliable natural gas service from PSNC Energy.

Other SCANA subsidiaries listed above are not the same company as PSNC Energy, and have separate management and separate employees. These other SCANA subsidiaries are not regulated by the North Carolina Utilities Commission or in any way sanctioned by the Commission. There is no advantage to customers of PSNC Energy if they buy products or services from other SCANA subsidiaries.