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North Carolina

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PSNC Energy
Attn: Community Affairs
800 Gaston Rd., Bldg. A
Gastonia, NC 28056


Apply By Mail

SCANA Energy
Attn: Media &
Community Relations
3344 Peachtree Rd.,
Suite 2150
Atlanta, GA 30326

South Carolina Applicants

Eligibility Guidelines

Focus Areas

Preference is given for programming that addresses a specific community need within our focus areas:

  • Arts/Culture
  • Community/Civic
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health

IRS Designations

Organizations must have a 501(c)3 or (c)6 designation from the Internal Revenue Service.

Application Submission

All requests must be submitted in writing, preferably via our online application process. No telephone solicitations of any kind are considered.

United Way

Contributions requests from agencies who receive grants from the United Way are not typically considered unless the request is for a capital project or significant program expansion.

Bond Referendums

Funding of bond referendums is prohibited.

Travel Funds

We do not contribute to the travel funds of individuals or groups.


We do not contribute to salaries for employees or representatives of organizations or groups.

Second Parties

We do not make contributions through second parties (i.e. to professional fundraisers or any party who passes them to another charity).

Donation of Energy Service

Donation of electric or gas service is prohibited by law.

Application Tips

Submit application 2-3 months before your project / program starts.

Our executive committee reviews applications in January, March, May, July, September and November. The cut-off is the first business day of those months.

The committee will review an organization's request(s) once during the calendar year.

Complete a separate online application for each event, project or program, but be sure all are submitted online by the deadline.

Excluded Organizations


We do not sponsor baseball, softball, swimming or other athletic teams.

Social Organizations

We do not contribute to social organizations, to include sororities and fraternities.

Churches and Religious Groups

Although we will support faith‐based initiatives, we do not contribute to individual churches or religious groups.

K-12 Schools

We support K‐12 schools through Employee Matching Gifts program and homework center sponsorships. Therefore, we do not accept contribution requests from K‐12 schools.