The business-friendly, work-ready South shines in this year’s growth economy, while building talent pipelines and infrastructure to ensure a sunny future.


The South is galloping hard on the trail of economic growth, edging out other states to win, place and show more jobs and investment opportunities.

Southern economic development is making headlines and setting records.

Business is blooming in the South right along with the azaleas. The seeds of our current success were planted and nurtured years ago in certifying industrial sites, improving business taxes and preparing a strong labor force for business and industry, including our veterans.


Oh, the weather outside's been frightful, but the news is so delightful this holiday season for jobs, investment and economic development in the South.

Automobiles, airplanes, boats and tires are driving the Southern economy.

Reporting on economic development in the Southeast.


Re-shoring, energy and foreign domestic investment is putting the Happy in the Happy Holidays for the South.

Southern manufacturing is busy as a hive of bees, positively humming this summer with expansions and relocations.

As the world learns of Southern charm and hospitality, the South reaps new levels of foreign domestic investment and corporate relocations.


Keep reading about the game-changing developments in the last quarter.

Evolutions in energy, infrastructure and manufacturing are in the news.

Carolina cities are famously hot, and not just because of the weather.

Southern states are at the center of a manufacturing and nuclear energy resurgence; the “it” place for doing business.