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Presentation Topics

Natural Gas

It can heat your home and help you cook the perfect meal. But did you know that a natural gas furnace can warm air up to 25 degrees warmer than an electric furnace? Our "Natural Gas" presentation will educate you on this energy-efficient resource, its costs and its benefits.

Winter/Summer Energy Efficiency

To save money on your energy bill, it helps to know how much energy your household appliances consume. This presentation walks you through your home, room by room, and shows you low-cost or no-cost improvements that can save you money every month.

Underground vs. Overhead Lines

One of our most commonly asked questions is: "Why can't I have underground lines in my neighborhood?" Through this presentation, you'll learn more about cost, reliability and feasibility when it comes to this hot topic.

Storm Response

When Mother Nature turns the lights out, it's our job to turn them back on as quickly and safely as possible. Learn what steps we take to protect your family during storm season, as well as the process we use to get the power back up and running.

Tree Trimming

To ensure you get the most reliable service possible, our on-staff foresters work with professional line clearing companies to trim and remove trees near our facilities. Learn more about the process and what steps you can take to keep your trees clear of power lines.

Other Topics

If you're interested in a subject not listed, let us know. We may be able to put together a presentation just for you.