2015 Environmental Report

2015 Environmental Report

The environment is a precious and fragile resource. We embrace our responsibility to conduct business in a way that protects it.

Balanced Energy Solutions

Our reliance on nuclear power and natural gas will lessen greenhouse gas and other regulated emissions.

2015 Generation Mix

Note: The "Generation Mix" chart (above) shows the relative amounts of electricity generated at SCE&G by each fuel source. The 2015 chart shows the amounts actually generated in that year.

Renewable Energy Team

We've created an experienced renewable energy team that will develop strategies for the design and implementation of renewable energy sources like solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass.

Initially, the group's primary focus is creating a comprehensive strategy for solar energy.

Here Comes the Sunshine

Our system already produces the most solar energy in South Carolina, and we're committed to producing 50 megawatts of solar energy over the next few years.

Environmental Contributions


SCE&G has donated thousands of acres in South Carolina for public use, including the renowned Riverbanks Zoo and the Saluda Shoals Park on the Lower Saluda River.

400 acres along the Edisto River, 660 acres on Congaree Creek, 65 acres along the Saluda River and 89 acres along the Savannah River have been donated as conservation easements.

Our forest management activities cover approximately 41,000 acres. SCE&G employs professional foresters to manage the re-planting of between 300 to 400 acres each year.

SCE&G works with the Department of Natural Resources and other lake interest groups to improve the appearance of the Lake Murray shoreline through the Lake Murray Shoreline Habitat Enhancement Project.


SCE&G has spent millions of dollars over the last two decades improving air quality surrounding our power plants. New technologies work to clean emissions before they leave our coal-burning plants and enter the atmosphere.


SCE&G monitors water quality in all bodies of water impacted by our facilities and engage in ongoing studies that are focused on the health of aquatic life.


We have an obligation to help preserve, protect and perpetuate wildlife. Therefore, we are engaged in a number of activities related to wildlife habitat management, conservation and development. Laws and regulations don’t require us to do this, but we believe it to be the right thing to do.